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Dear Terri,

Thank you so much for being such an  important part of our special day.  We had an incredible wedding, and we are so grateful to have had you as our planner. You are so caring, kind and warm. We really appreciate your going personality, which means so much when planning a wedding. Thank you again for creating the perfect wedding

With Love and gratitude

Missy and Jordan



Words can not describe how grateful we are for you. You have been amazing throughout this entire process. I loved having you as my partner in crime, and for that reason, I am kind of sad it’s over. You have been so easy and flexible we all really loved working with you.

Thank you for everything!

Katie and Ashton



Thank you so much for all that you did to make our wedding perfect! It was truly amazing! The day was so calm for me, Thanks to you!

With Love,

Kenta and Jill



Thank you for everything you did to make our day so special. It was everything and more. We so appreciate you going above and beyond to make sure every detail wasn’t forgotten. We received so many compliments about you. It was great working with you!


Reggie and Laila


Dear Terri

We could not have pulled off this wedding without your help! Your patience, your calm presence, your talent for pulling everything together- A God Send!

Thank You

Heidi (MOB)


Dear Terri

Once again I wish to thank you for all your efforts toward making this wedding a huge success. It certainly couldn’t have happened without you!! Your patience, creativity, energy, organization and warmth were exceptional and essential (particularly the day of the wedding… so many details anticipated and taken care of by you!!)  I was thrilled so many people came up to tell us it was the best wedding they had ever been to… ever. And I know that this was attributable to a monumental collaborative effort on the part of a number of people. You were certainly an important one!

I wish you all the best in the future both professionally and personally. I have enjoyed spending this last year planning a most significant life event with you and look forward to planning some other events in the future.


Joan (MOB)


We want to thank you for making our wedding so special and fun. You were a fundamental on enjoying the process of our wedding. Everything was perfect and we wanted to thank you for that!

With Love,

Gaby and Steven


This wedding would not have come together without all of your help and I am eternally indebted to you. I can’t possibly thank you enough for not only helping with the planning and creative process, but also for being my therapist and keeping me sane!

We love you!

Marlene and Rob

Dear Terri,

Thank you so mych forall your help and support in making our wedding day the perfect occasion it was. We couldn’t have done it without you!!

Lots of Love,

Nick and Hope


Dear Terri,

Thank you so much for being such an amazing part of our wedding. We really appreciate all the hard work and great advice you gave us. And most of all we are so grateful for your kindness and your genuinely warm spirit. Every bride and groom should be so lucky to have such a fabulous wedding coordinator like you! Thank you so much for everything you did to help make our wedding perfect!

With love,

Carol and Daniel

Dearest Terri,

We can not even begin to express our gratitude, love and gratefulness to you. You have been more than amazing and a complete savior to us during this crazy but special time. You made everything so easy and fun and kept it special and romantic every step of the way. Thank you for taking care of us and always treating us like we were your main and only focus. You made us feel special and #1 on your list.

Love always,

Marwa and Adam

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